Thursday, October 18, 2012

2 1/2 Months of Catching Up!

I started a few posts during these past 2+ months that I've been MIA, but never got around to finishing them or posting.  So...we'll try again!

First, some updates on Maddie.

Maddie is now 4 years, 4 1/2 months old.  She's growing more and more every day.  She's not only getting bigger, but also so much smarter.  She LOVES school this year and is learning so much!  This kid can write all of her letters (most of them the right way), can count to 39 all by herself, and has started sounding out words to write them.  Today she wrote "MOF" for Murphy.  She told me, "first I wrote "MA" but then I sounded it out and I didn't think it had an "A", I thought it should be an "O"."  She's really thinking!!  I'm so impressed with the whole learning to read process.  It's so neat to experience this process with her!

In other news, Maddie started her first dance class on September 6th.  She was quite apprehensive the first day but has taken off since then.  She loves it and looks forward to going every week.  In fact, every Wednesday when we get home from school she asks me, "Mommy, do I get to go to my dance class tomorrow?".  I love how she's learning our schedule without me telling her!!  So impressive :)

Now for some updates on Sadie.

Sadie turned 2 on September 2nd.  We had a very low key birthday celebration for her at home.  No big party this year she'll have her first party and I think it'll be a blast!  She definitely understood that it was HER day.  She enjoyed getting presents and blowing out her candle and seemed to really enjoy all of the extra attention that was given to her.  Of course for days after her birthday, she had to walk around singing Happy Birthday to everyone and everything.

Sadie is now talking up a storm. She's speaking in full sentences and is getting very demanding and FUNNY!  Her personality is really starting to shine lately, both the good and the bad!  She loves her babies and little toy animals and her doctor kit.  She gives check ups like you wouldn't believe.  It's so cute when she gives Mommy or Daddy a check up.  She checks our ears, eyes, listens to our hearts, checks our blood pressure. Then she has us sit up so she can listen to our backs.  She says, "Take a deep beff a me." (Take a deep breath for me).  So we take a few deeps breaths, then she says, "Good." and gets the shot ready.  She looks at us with the most serious look and says, "Dis a huwt wittle bit." (This will hurt a little bit) then gives the shot. We give a big dramatic "OUCH!".  And she tells us, "I weawy sowy." (I really sorry).  It's the cutest thing!

Today we started potty training.  Ugh...I really wasn't looking forward to doing this until after the holidays, but it seems she's ready.  I hate to not take advantage of this window of opportunity.  Just a couple of days ago I was really resisting.  I didn't think she was ready but today changed my mind.  I got Sadie up just after 7 and changed her diaper. After that the girls had breakfast, played a while, watched some tv, played some more, we went to a play date, got home around 1pm.  I took the girls up for a nap, went to change Sadie's diaper and it was DRY.  I couldn't believe it!  I asked if she wanted to pee on the potty and she did.  She sat there a while and didn't pee for a little bit.  I told her if she let the pee pees out she would get some candy.  Well, as soon as she heard "candy", she peed.  YAY!!!  After nap time I put her in undies and a dress and she kept them dry the rest of the night.  One time I asked her if the pee pees were ready to come out and she said yes.  I put her on the potty and she peed.  I was amazed!  She got her little Reese's Piece and was a happy little girl :)  We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Well, that's it for now.  I hope to get some updated pictures of the girls soon.  Here are a couple to hold you over until then!

Sadie got the whole Doc McStuffins cast for her birthday.  She was especially happy to get Chilly :)

Maddie enjoyed lots of rides at GrapeFest in Grapevine, TX.

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