Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Big Girl, Maddie

I couldn't do a post about Sadie and ignore Maddie :)

Maddie has been amazing us over and over again.  I really had no idea a 4 year old could be so smart.  Now, I'm not trying to say she's smarter than other 4 year olds, I don't know...she might be, but I just had no idea their little brains could comprehend so much at such a young age!

Lately Maddie's been trying to sound out words to write them.  She made a picture for Murphy (the dog) the other day and wrote "MOF" on the top for Murph.  Not bad, eh?  This morning she was playing with a doll and she decided to name her Ruby.  On Ruby's "school folder", Maddie wrote "Rbe".  I was seriously impressed!

She loves to learn and is always really excited about going to school and learning new things.  She's constantly impressing us with how much she's learning too.  She really impressed Eric the other night when he was reading her a book and she told him the author wrote the book and the illustrator drew the pictures.  It's just these little things that are the coolest to hear her say!

Of course, she continues to make us laugh with her silly little expressions and comments.  Her little brain is in overdrive and she's becoming more and more creative with what she says.  Last night I was getting her ready for bed and she tooted.  She said, "Woah, excuse me.  I'm a Tootie McNoodle!"  I couldn't stop laughing!!

Probably the BIGGEST, most exciting news about Maddie these days is that she no longer sucks her thumb!!  On the morning of September 24th, she came downstairs and told me she doesn't want to suck her thumb anymore.  She brought me her two snugglies and her two favorite stuffed animals that she used to suck her thumb with and told me not to give them back.  I reassured her that if she really wanted to be done that I would take them and she would NOT get them back.  I knew it was going to be hard on all of us, but it seemed she was ready and I had to take that opportunity to help her.  Well, her "sucking hazards" went up on top of my armoire in my room and they are still there.  They haven't moved...(I'll put them in her keepsake box so she can have them forever!).  We've been so proud of her taking the initiative to be a "big kid"!

So now I'll leave you with some pictures of our sweet, sweet 4 year old!

First day of Preschool!

First dance class.

Maddie loving on the T-Rex at the zoo.

Sweet girls at the campground in Grapevine.

Working on a painting project.

We had to stop by Target after dance class and she was so excited to see her favorite Disney Princess :)

Mommy and Maddie sleepover night.

Maddie got a prize after not sucking her thumb for 2 weeks.  She chose this fun gumball machine!

Being a silly goose at the zoo!

Here's a shot of Maddie in May of 2011 and again in October 2012.  She's grown quite a bit :)

She got this tent in her room for Christmas 2010 and still likes to nap in it some times.  I love it!

Here's our big girl the first day she wanted dropped off in the car line at school.  We're so proud of her!

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