Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Potty Training Update

Sadie officially began potty training on October 18th, exactly one week ago.  She has been having about one accident per day.  Not too shabby!  One day she had two accidents, but yesterday she had NONE!!  It was a good day :)

At the beginning of our training, I was consistently asking Sadie if the pee pees needed to come out.  She would tell me yes or no.  If she said yes, she always went.  I was amazed because I really didn't think she was going to know how to tell.  Then I kind of lost interest in training her and I had other things to do so I put a diaper on her.  Well, wouldn't you know...that kid would NOT pee in her diaper!  She insisted that she pee in the potty.  I kept telling her, "It's ok, sweetie.  You have a diaper.  Just pee in your diaper."  Nope...she wouldn't have anything to do with it. much for mommy having a day off from running to the potty all day!

Now Sadie is consistently telling us she has to pee.  Of course we drop everything we're doing and run her to the bathroom.  If she's gone a couple of hours without a potty break, we'll ask her if she has to go but other than that, she's doing it on her own.  I'm almost ready to say she's trained.  We even take her out of the house in her undies now and so far so good!  We're so proud of our big girl!!

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