Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

Maddie and I arrived home safely last night after a perfectly turbulence-free flight. Thank God for that! Today's been a pretty hectic day, trying to get back in to our "home" routine. Maddie ate breakfast and lunch in her highchair (I had been holding her or sitting her on the countertop to eat while we were away) but then when it came to snack time she needed to be held. I tried to be a tough mom and make her sit in her highchair...but then she attempted to climb out of it. I figured it was better to hold her and feed her for her snack rather than have her fall 3 feet to the tile floor below! Another issue we're having is that she won't let me out of her sight. For 11 straight days she was surrounded by people, carried everywhere, held A LOT and was only alone for nap time and a few nights. Now that we're home she has to be able to see me. I guess this big house is just too lonely without momma...I did manage to sneak out of the playroom to get some chicken out of the freezer but when she heard the garage door close (that's where our freezer is) she freaked out that I was leaving her. Sheesh...so I put her down for a nap :) She's been really tired and had an interrupted nap today so I thought she needed a third one. It took her a while to fall asleep but she eventually did. Now I'm wondering if she thinks she's in bed for the night! Her dinner's been on the plate for an hour. Looks like I'll have to put it in the fridge then reheat it if/when she wakes up.

I made a good attempt at getting myself back into my routine. Last night I made my menu for the week, made my grocery list off of that and made my to-do list for today. That way when I got up this morning all I had to do was go get the groceries and get started on the to-do list. I was so motivated when I went to bed last night, but I could barely wake up this morning! So that motivated me to get the coffee started...I got the grocery shopping done, picked up Murphy, took the cat to the vet, watered the plants and made one more stop at the grocery store (I forgot lunch meat) all by 11:30 this morning. But now that evening is here, I'm feeling pretty lazy, sitting here typing on the computer and looking around at the kitchen. The groceries aren't all put away yet, lunch dishes are on the counter (I still need to take the clean dishes out that I put in before our trip to Baltimore) and 10 days worth of mail is on the other counter. I'm SO not motivated to clean it all up! Maybe I started the day off too strong and didn't leave any energy for the remainder of the day. I really should learn to pace myself! I'm going to try REALLY hard to get it all done...I hate putting things off until tomorrow because then it all just piles up. And with this clingy baby I have, I really can't afford to let things go because I certainly don't have spare time to do more!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a chance to update on our trip to Baltimore and put up some pictures :)

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