Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's with the Attitude???

My goodness! It seems now that Maddie had her "Super Sweet" 1st birthday party she acts like a little diva. She all of a sudden doesn't want to go to bed. Up until this point she's been happy to be put down because she was tired and wanted to sleep. Now she screams at the top of her lungs when we put her in the crib and immediately stands up. When she finally lays down she's calm for about a minute, then stands back up, screams like we've been the most horrible parents EVER and that lasts for about 30 seconds or so, then she gets back down again. She continues getting more and more tired, wearing herself out, and then doesn't get up, but still screams for a second. Then she eventually drifts off to sleep without realizing it. Last night she was up twice through the night, standing and screaming for about 2 minutes each time. She's NEVER done this before! Oh, and this is happening at nap time too, just not to that extreme.

Then today we were going for a short drive out to Kingwood to pick up some pictures and Maddie was SO MAD to be in her carseat. She kept doing this frustrated grunt/cry like she was trying to get out of her carseat. We kept telling her "no Ma'am" and "that's enough" and "you're ok", etc. but she just wouldn't stop. It was really annoying! I guess I've just been spoiled for the past 12 months since she's been a very well behaved baby. Now she's just going through some major attitude changes and is getting easily frustrated. I need to do some research on how to handle this new stage...it's all come so easily up until now.

In more positive news...we sat Maddie in her highchair today with a sheet of paper and her new baby crayons. I was all prepared for her to color her first "masterpieces" for her grandmas and aunts. Well, she had no interest in trying to color! She thought the crayons were fun to play with and was trying to see what they tasted like (I guess it would be confusing since the only thing she's ever done in the highchair is eat). Of course we didn't let her taste the crayons. Instead I did a little coloring :) Maybe she'll be ready for the coloring in a few months...

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