Monday, June 8, 2009

My Big Girl

Well, Maddie had her 1 year well baby check up today. She continues to grow and maintain her 50th percentile. She weighs 21lbs 1oz, is 28 3/4 inches long and her head circumference is 17 3/4 inches. She right at 50% for her weight, a hair under 50% for her height, and her head is right at 50%. I knew she was perfect :)
So, let me start off with the bad parts of the appointment...people had to touch Maddie. Yeah, she still doesn't like that! She had a fit when she was being weighed and measured, screamed at the doctor trying to listen to her heart and actually tried to climb up and over me while the dr. was doing that! It was nice of the dr to let me hold Maddie while she was examining her at least, I guess that helped a little. Then, of course, she had to get 3 shots today. This girl is a FIGHTER! The nurse had to pin Maddie's legs down with her own legs (since her hands were busy getting the shots ready) and I had to hold her hands so she wouldn't knock the needles out of the nurse's hands! It was quite a crazy experience. She REALLY does not like the doctor's office anymore!
Now onto the good stuff...the doctor said Maddie is operating at an 18 month level vocally! That even impressed me! I told her some of the words she's able to say (cracker, balloon, ball, bird, dog, daddy, plane, thank you, bib) and that she knows lots of animals sounds (monkey, dog, cat, cow, sheep, duck, fish-we made up our own on that one, bear, lion) and that she knows some of her body parts (ear, head, toes, tongue) and that she does quite a bit of sign language (hat, play, eat, milk, more, cookie, help, and even some made up ones...). The doctor was impressed and I was happy to show Maddie off :). As far as physically, Maddie is right on track where she should be at 12 months. She's pulling up, cruising around, kind of letting go of furniture to balance on her own (but not much) and on two different occasions, she's taken one step. She'll eventually walk and I'm certainly not going to rush things! She's enough of a handful to keep up with while crawling...I'm not in a hurry to chase her while she walks and runs away.

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