Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a Week!

Maddie and I are preparing for our second trip back "home" together :) It's been a really stressful week trying to get everything prepared. One of my friends from Maddie's playgroup offered to keep Murphy for us so she won't have to go through losing her voice at the kennel again! So we took Murphy over there yesterday so the dogs could meet each other and make sure everything would be ok...I guess it was mostly for me so I would know that Murphy would be happy playing with Parker. Everything went well, I think Murphy annoyed Parker a little, but Parker wasn't afraid to put her in her place! I know Murphy will be well taken care of so that took a HUGE load off!

The next thing on our agenda was to prepare for playgroup at our house today. We hosted so we had some food prep to do (when I say "we", I mean "I") and some last minute cleaning...a quick dust mop on the tile floors and vacuum the carpets so the babies don't get covered in animal hair! It wouldn't matter if I had just vacuumed yesterday, it would still need to be done this morning. We had a nice little group for playgroup today and Maddie actually had a good time. She usually doesn't know how to act when there are other people in her playroom. But she played nicely and she even let me leave the room! It was amazing :) She's really growing and learning to be more social.

So for tomorrow we'll (I'll) be packing, getting Murphy ready to go to Parker's and doing last minute cleaning so the house will be spic and span for when we get home. I have a list of things to pack already so I basically just have to do one more load of laundry to make sure we have all the clean clothes we need and then pack the stuff in the suitcase. It shouldn't be too bad. The bad part for tomorrow is going to be the cleaning and bathing Murphy! But we'll make it through the day and hopefully sleep well tomorrow night in preparation for traveling on Thursday. Please pray for us as we travel! Also please pray for my sanity :) Flying hasn't been easy for me to do lately, not just because I'm trying to hold a toddler still in my lap, but because I've been having more and more anxiety about flying in general. I'm sure we'll be safe, but I still worry...

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