Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Amazing Madeline

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to just sit and watch Maddie? She is so incredibly smart and had the most amazing imagination. It really seems these days that she's doing something new on a daily basis. Her newest words are "coffee", "baby", and "color". She's also saying Ma Ma more and can point out Ma Ma and Da Da in pictures. She's been trying to yawn...which I think is just the most hilarious thing! She'll have a big yawn and then it seems like she enjoyed it so much that she wants to do it again :) She just opens her mouth really big. Another thing she's started is stacking. She used to stack her food on top of her sippy cup, but now she's stacking her toys on top of each other. She stacks up two wooden blocks then squeals and claps for herself. She's hilarious! Yesterday we stopped to eat out and she balanced her sippy cup on the side of the highchair. She let out a loud squeal and applauded herself. What could I do but laugh? Maddie has this girly truck that her Pappy and Grandma BJ got her for her birthday and it has a little truck bed in the back and she likes to stand her little puppy in the back. She HAS to have it standing upright, it can't be on its side. It's so fun to watch her really concentrate and try to figure out how to get it to stand upright. Now, if we could just get her to read her books upright!

One of the silliest things Maddie's into right now are her sunglasses. She says "glasses" in her own little almost-14-month-old way and I put them on her face. This morning she left them on while she was playing in the playroom for about 20 minutes. She'll leave them on if we're at the store (inside the store), she left them on just about all day when we went to Sea World, but she WILL NOT leave them on in the car! She cracks me up :) She certainly does draw a lot of attention to herself when she has her glasses on. Especially little kids, who don't know how to contain their emotion/excitement, say "awwww....look at the baby" to their parents all the time. It makes me laugh every time!

I know there are a ton of other things she's been doing the past few days but I just can't think of them now...it's almost 10pm and I should be sleeping :) Tomorrow we're going to the beach!! Maddie was at the beach last year but, of course, she doesn't remember it. I'm anxious to see what she thinks about the sand and the waves. Hopefully she'll have lots of fun...she loves swimming and splashing so hopefully the ocean will be fun for her! We weren't able to get any sand buckets or toys, apparently all the stores sell out of those by the end of July...oh well. I'll take some measuring cups and plastic cups or something and we'll see what we can do with all that :) Let's all pray Maddie doesn't eat TOO much sand tomorrow!

We'll update with pictures and more stories of Maddie soon...plus Daddy will be home in just over 48 hours!! Pray that Maddie will walk to him in the airport (she CAN walk, she's just selective about when she does it) and that she'll welcome him back home with open arms!

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