Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Silly Girl!

Yesterday Maddie and I went out to eat and I ordered her chicken fingers. I LOVE honey mustard dressing so I thought I'd see if she liked it too. I had given her a few bites of plain chicken and then snuck a honey mustard one in her mouth. She bit down, scrunched up her face and then reached her little fingers in her mouth, pulled the chicken out and handed it to me. :) I then tried the honey mustard and it was NASTY...too much vinegar in it. I felt bad for letting her try that bad stuff. Oh well, one day she'll like it.

One of Maddie's newest habits is storing food in her mouth when she's done eating. Tonight after her dinner I had washed her face and her hands then we went to play in the playroom. She kept grunting instead of talking and I noticed she was keeping her mouth closed. So I asked her if she still had food in there. She reached her little fingers in her mouth and pulled out the skin from a grape and handed it to me. Until now I had to fight her to take the stored food out of her mouth. I'm glad she's giving it up on her own long as she continues to hand it to me and not drop it on the floor!

Maddie started saying "hi" today. We were shopping at the Houston Premium Outlets and she kept saying "hi" to people. :) I guess my shy little girl is starting to come out of her shell! Well, maybe not. As soon as anyone says "hi" back to her, she turns her face away. She's so goofy!

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