Friday, July 3, 2009

A Nap and a Blink

What a day! I decided to go out shopping today because I had a gift card for Baby's R Us to use for Maddie's birthday (thanks Dad and BJ!). Since I was going to be out shopping, I figured I'd make a whole afternoon of it. Maddie woke up late this morning (I got her out of bed at 8:20) so, naturally, her morning nap was delayed a bit. She ended up napping from about 10:45-12:15, which is actually shorter than her average nap these days! When she got up we ate lunch and then headed on our way, shopping list in hand. First stop: Target. We spent a good hour in there, just browsing and picking up a few necessities such as cat food and cabinet locks to keep curious little fingers from opening them all the time!
After that was our LONG drive to the BIG Baby's R Us. It took us just over 40 minutes to get there because traffic was HORRENDOUS today! (I just had to look up the word horrendous...while I say it often, I think that's the first time I've ever typed it; I'm such a good speller, I had it right the first time) :) Ok, back to the shopping. So, I was totally expecting Maddie to fall asleep in the car on the drive out there but she was too into the music that was playing on the radio. I started listening to 89.3 KSBJ and she really responds well to the music! I was expecting her to be a little grump since she hadn't had another nap, but she did GREAT. We looked at a couple of little girl was just 3 weeks old! Wow, am I ever getting the itch for baby #2!!! Then off to the toy section we went. It was pretty disappointing that the toy section they have there is really small. The store itself if HUGE but it's mostly furniture and baby necessities, oh, and more clothes than should ever really be made for babies. So we picked out two fun toys and 3 books. Maddie actually prefers books to toys some days. What a smart little girl I have!
Then we got back in the car and were going to head straight home so she could get a nap. Then I remembered I had a short list of things to buy at Sam's Club. I thought this would be a really quick trip since I only had 4 or 5 things on the list. Well, 3 of the things they didn't even have in stock!! GRRRRR. So, of course, I had to look for other things. You can't go to Sam's and only buy 2 items, right? :) That's how they get you! Maddie was getting fussy and was trying to lay her head on the cart so I decided to lay her down IN the cart. You know how they have those extra large carts that can sit two children in the seat part? Well, I had her cart cover on it, which gives a little padding, so I just laid her right down on it. At first she kind of started to freak out, then I started pushing the cart and making it so much fun for her by saying "woah, what are you doing?" and giving her big smiles! She started enjoying it and even started sucking her thumb. I thought for sure she would go to sleep, and fellow Sam's shoppers probably thought I had a disabled baby the way she was laying in the cart :) Maddie did NOT go to sleep...
When we were leaving Sam's, Maddie starting asking for a "cracker" (which means any food). I gave her some grapes, which she finished in a matter of minutes. I thought that would be just enough to hold her over until we got home. It did! Thank God! However, she didn't sleep at all on the way home! She had JUST closed her eyes when I pulled up to the mail box. When I got out of the car to get the mail, the eyes popped back open.
We came inside, I heated up a hot dog and some green beans and she ate a nice, big dinner. I wanted to take her straight to bed, but thought it might be better if we played a little first. So we got out the new toys from Baby's R Us and played with those for a few minutes, then we read 2 books together. Then it was time for a bath and to get ready for bed. You know how it is when you're SUPER tired, right? Well, for some reason babies can't handle that! Maddie didn't know what to do with herself. She was normal through her bath and even when I was getting her all lotioned up and ready for bed. She sat still while we read The Foot Book, twice. Then we snuggled in the rocking chair for a few minutes and "talked" about our day and what a lucky mommy I am to have such a good girl to spend all my days with, etc...Then it was time to put her in her crib. We had goodnight kisses, talked about what we're going to do tomorrow and said, "Goodnight, have sweet dreams love bug". That's about the time things went C.R.A.Z.Y. She cried/screamed harder than I've ever heard her scream and cry before! I knew it was just because she was so tired so I decided to give her 10 minutes of crying it out before I went in to "rescue" her. She was standing up and crying for a minute, then laying down sucking her thumb, then back up, then back down. This continued for 8 minutes! I was watching her on the video monitor and could see when she just got too tired to stand up anymore. That's when she starting throwing herself around the crib in a little tantrum. WOW! That was crazy! She finally stopped moving and crying within the 10 minute time limit. But for the next 15 minutes I heard the occasional outcry but she never got back up. WHEW...maybe long afternoons shopping aren't such a good idea!

Thanks for sticking with me for that LONG story. I had to tell the whole day so you would understand just how tired she was when I put her to bed. For those of you who have babies...I'm sure you've been in my shoes! How exhausting, huh? :)

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