Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Adventures

Well, July brings new adventures for Maddie! Yesterday she played outside for the first time. I mean, she's been outside before, but she really played yesterday. She was hitting a ball, then crawling after it, hitting it again, crawling after it; you get the idea. :) She really enjoys being outside. Even when we just go for a short walk to the mailbox she's very content just being in the stroller (yes, the mailbox is THAT far away). No matter how red her skin gets from the heat or how sweaty she gets, she just wants to be outside.

Today Maddie's friend, Jonathan, came over to play for a little bit. He's another one that LOVES to be outside. So after a snack and an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba (the same one they just played on Tuesday, by the way...these reruns are starting to get O.L.D.) we went outside to let the two of them play a while. Jonathan has an advantage in that he can walk...yes, he's 17 months old so he's advanced compared to Maddie! So we were bouncing the ball and running after the ball and Maddie just sat there in the grass laughing at us. I'm glad she was still entertained even though she wasn't involved, but I kind of wish she would feel left out so she'd start walking! Well, I was getting sweaty from chasing the ball with Jonathan so I ran inside to grab the sidewalk chalk. I don't know if Jonathan's ever colored with chalk before, but I just showed them quickly how to use it and Jonathan took off! He'd pick up on piece of chalk, color a line, drop it on the ground and go for another color :) In the meantime, here's Maddie picking up the pieces of chalk and putting them back in the plastic bucket they came in! At one point Jonathan picked up the bucket, dumped out all the chalk and then carried the bucket away and sat it on a chair. Maddie didn't know what to do since her entertainment had just been taken away! (Maddie did color a few lines with the chalk). Oh, and she even tasted the chalk...yup, the green one. She quickly learned that chalk does NOT taste good and didn't try that again!

Here are some shots from our adventures today...

a sure sign of summer...chalk-covered clothing

Jonathan enjoying the sidewalk chalk

Maddie playing with the plastic bucket

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