Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Maddie had her first REAL day at the beach today! Since Steph's here to visit, we've been getting out more to do things we don't do on a normal we decided to head down to Galveston for the day. When I first put Maddie's feet in the sand she wasn't a fan. She IMMEDIATELY pulled her feet back up (thank God I hadn't let go of her!) and whined a little. I kept insisting on her putting her feet in and she seriously didn't want anything to do with it. Unfortunately I had no choice but to sit her in the sand while I got our beach blanket prepared and put sunscreen on us. Then we started walking down toward the water and Maddie was ok walking in the wet sand. I guess she just doesn't like that really sandy stuff. Even though it all sticks to your skin the same, the initial feel is different. So we got to the water and our first "wave" came in (you know, it was about 2 inches high by the time it got to our feet...). At first she had this look on her face like she didn't know what to think. Usually we're the ones going to the water, this is the first time the water came up to meet her! Steph was taking some pictures of Maddie as the first "wave" came in so I'll post those here so you can see her thought sequence. She was just so much fun. She was completely fearless when it came to the water, she crawled right down into the surf and played around. She even put her face in the water like she does in the pool and the tub. She definitely didn't like the taste of this new water...I don't like the taste of salt water either, ESPECIALLY in Galveston! YUCK! Maddie enjoyed playing with seashells on the beach and picking up the wet sand and dropping it. It's amazing to me how she was just naturally drawn to pick up the seashells, I didn't point them out or anything but she found them and picked them up. It was really cute :)

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