Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun in the Rain

We had some yucky, rainy weather off and on all day today.  Maddie kept asking me to go out to play in the rain so I finally gave in after dinner and let her go out.  I would've been happy just to stay inside, but it was a nice way to break up the evening!  I put her raincoat and boots on her and out we went.  She told me "play rain like Kai Lan does".  I guess she had seen an episode of Ni Hao Kai Lan where they played in the rain.  She had so much fun stomping and splashing in the water then running around in the grass. 

I have a cute video of Maddie jumping in the puddle and falling...but I don't know how to post a video to the blog.  I guess I could post a link to youtube.  I'll try it.  Sorry if it doesn't work :)  Click HERE to see the video (I hope).

Other than that, here are some pictures I took of Maddie having fun in the rain.  Some of the pictures are blurry because I didn't think to check my settings before starting to snap away...Oh well, you get it :)  After playing for a while with the boots on she decided she wanted to take the boots off so I had to get pictures of my little country girl playing barefoot in the mud!  Enjoy the pictures!

I REALLY wish this face was in focus!!  Imagine how cute that would be :)

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