Monday, April 19, 2010

Sick Baby

Well, it finally happened...Maddie got sick.  She had an ear infection before but never had a fever with it.  She's had colds and stuffy noses, but she's never been sick.  This morning she had a temperature of 100.6 when she woke up and I didn't really worry about it.  In fact, I didn't even give her Tylenol because I had read with a low grade fever sometimes it's best to just let their little bodies work to fight off the fever, that way their immune system will strengthen.  I put her down for a nap around 10:30 this morning and she slept almost 2 hours.  When she woke up she was sweating from head to toe and her temp was up to 101.2.  I decided to give her the Tylenol in hopes that she would feel a little better.  It took about an hour and a half before she told me "I ok now".  Then she ate some saltine crackers and applesauce and drank some ice water.  That's all she ate all day.  She had another 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon and her fever never dropped below 100.  I gave her more Tylenol after the second nap and gave her some Motrin before bed tonight.  I'm really praying she feels better in the morning.  She never had any vomiting or diarrhea (Thank you, God!) but every once in a while she would just start crying for no apparent reason and want me to hold her.  If she still has a fever in the morning I'm going to make an appointment to see the pediatrician to see if she could have ear infections.  She'll also be able to let me know if she's working on those two year molars...

Please say a pray for us tonight!  Pray that Maddie will be comfortable enough to sleep all night so we can both be well rested for tomorrow.  Pray that her fever will go away and she'll be back to "normal" tomorrow.  I really hate taking her to the pediatrician because she just screams the whole time we're there.  I'm not's screaming at the top of her lungs while trying to climb up and over my shoulders/head and telling me "go bye byes car".  Yes, she HATES that place and I hate that she's so afraid of it!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

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