Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Maddie-isms

If Maddie doesn't want to wear something all I have to do is tell her that Daddy bought it for her.  Then she stops fighting me and lets me put it on her!  Then all day I hear her commenting "Daddy buy this dress".  Tonight I tried feeding her steak for the first time.  She didn't want anything to do with it because it looked "different.  Then I told her that steak is Daddy's favorite.  She started eating it!  She even went so far as to tell me "steak Maddie favorite".  What a brat!  I knew daughters rebelled against their mothers at some point in their lives, but I had NO IDEA it was going to start this young!

Maddie and I got to do a 35 minute video call with Eric yesterday.  It was SO NICE!  Maddie was a little goof ball and kept popping her head up in front of the computer and saying "hi Daddy".  She was so playful and just being silly.  The call dropped at one point and she immediately said "see Daddy again, SEE DADDY AGAIN!!!".  Thank God we were able to get the connection back.  I don't know what kind of meltdown I would've had to deal with.  When we got the call back I thought it was best if we went ahead and said goodbye just to avoid an abrupt ending.  She was fine with saying goodbye.  When we hung up the call I asked Maddie if I could have a kiss. She said "No, Daddy girl".  Again...what a brat!

Maddie has started having a much easier time around people.  This past weekend we went to a going away party at a house we'd never been to before.  Maddie did great!  She stayed outside collecting pine cones while I went inside to fix us a plate.  She played near me but didn't get clingy.  She smiled when people talked to her.  She even gave lots of high fives when we were leaving.  It was pretty amazing.  On Sunday we went to a friend's house for Easter dinner.  Maddie had never met 4 of the 7 adults that were at the dinner.  By the time we left she gave "grandma" 2 hugs!!  My friend and I just looked at each other in awe, neither of us could believe Maddie warmed up to her so fast.

Today as we were leaving playgroup, Maddie gave her first hug to one of her friends.  She's usually the one the kids try to hug and she pulls away screaming because they're "in her space" or something.  Today I told her to give Julian a hug and she did!  Of course, little Julian informed his mommy that at last week's playgroup he had so much fun because he was kissing Maddie.  Hmmm...neither mommy saw that!  I guess he has a little crush :)  It's sweet...but he better back off my baby girl!  :)

This one's kind of strange, but I have to share it anyway...every time I say "ouch" Maddie says "Mommy booty hurt?".  I don't know why she says that!!  We don't even call her butt her "booty" except when we say "shake your booty", which is very rare.  If I stub my toe, Maddie says "Mommy booty hurt?".  If I cut my finger she says it, if I bump something or anything...any reason that makes me say "ouch" she says the same thing.  It's so beyond me as to why she would say this!  It was kind of funny the first couple of times she said it but now it's becoming too much of a habit and I'm not sure I like it anymore...

I'll leave you with that one :)

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