Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a Day

Well, I got my payback for making fun of Maddie's gas last night...the joke was on me when I found that she was having loose stools with that.  There wasn't any smell to it so I didn't know to change her diaper.  I don't know how much longer we were downstairs before I took her upstairs to get her ready for bed, but it was definitely a while.  When I opened her diaper I saw the poo along with a nasty red rash on her bottom.  I felt TERRIBLE!  She had another bm this morning and was just crying so hard when I was trying to clean her off.  I've been taking care of it as well as I can but it just seems to cause her more pain when I clean her off and when I put the diaper cream on her.  I feel so bad for her when she gets a diaper rash like this.  This is only the second one that she's had that's bothered her, so I guess overall we're pretty lucky.

My day only seemed to go down hill from the time we got up this morning...Maddie was grumpy, naturally from the diaper rash, and didn't agree with anything I told her.  I put her on the BRAT diet and she didn't want anything except the applesauce.  She probably ate 2 cups of applesauce for breakfast!  For lunch I made her rice, which she liked and said it tasted like popcorn.  I also got her to eat a banana.  I told her she could take a bath after lunch, thinking it would soothe her bottom a little.  Well, I put her in a lukewarm bath and she wouldn't even sit down.  She just started crying and wanted me to hold her.  UGH!

Naptime brought on another bm, this one more solid.  YAY!  The rash looked a little better but she was still in pain when I was trying to clean her.  I decided to just put some cornstarch powder on her and no diaper...yes, I'm brave.  To go along with not wearing a diaper, I decided today would be a good day to play outside!  Yes, I'm brave AND smart :)  I kept asking her every 5-10 minutes if she felt the pee pees and she kept telling me "no".  I started getting the grill ready for my delicious shrimp I had marinating all day when Maddie came walking past me and I smelled dog poop.  Yes, I had just picked up dog poop to be sure she wouldn't step in any or pick it up or anything and apparently Murphy thought it was nice of me to give her a clean place to poop...Nice!  So Maddie tracked the poop all over the back patio with her cute summer sandals (at least I hadn't left her barefoot today!!).  I sprayed off the patio and took the shoes off of Maddie.  Then I went inside to get Maddie a snack (before going inside I asked her if she had to pee in the potty..."no").  I go get a snack (applesauce again) and when I came out Maddie had peed in her pants.  Nice!  I changed her clothes (and then she spilled applesauce all over herself...oh well). 

At this point I sat down to put my shrimp on the skewers and noticed I had bought shrimp with the shells still on!  I never do that, but when I was in the seafood section yesterday was when Maddie was acting up and I was trying to get in her the shopping cart so I guess I forgot to check for shells on the shrimp...It seemed to take me forever to get the shells off the shrimp but I finally finished that and got them skewered.  I was so excited to get them grilled and have a delicious dinner.  Then I opened the grill.  THERE WAS NO FLAME.  All the distractions made me run out of propane.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh.  We went inside, changed clothes and drove to Chick-Fil-A. 

And while I was typing this, Maddie fell and busted her lip on the tile floor.  This day needs to end NOW!

Let's end on a cute note.  I was letting Maddie carry around a lemon today and she was just so happy.  She took the lemon to Audrey (the cat) and the conversation went something like this, "look Audrey, a lemon.  A lemon, Audrey.  Audrey...is this a lemon? Yes!  It's called sour".  (you have to read this all in a very excited toddler voice!)  I wish I had a camera crew following us around like a reality tv show just to record all the cute things she says!

Ok, it's 10pm now, I took a break from typing this to get Maddie in bed and to watch the Biggest Loser.  Now it's time for bed.  Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow!!!  Goodnight :)

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