Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Maddie-isms

Maddie's latest phrase is "I don't think so".  Well, she actually says "I think so" while shaking her head, which means "I don't think so".  If I ask her if she wants to go play in her playroom she'll tell me "I don't think so".  If I ask her if she wants to get a bath, she says "I don't think so".  It's really cute to see her learning new phrases.

Another one she started using is "I changed my mind".  One day she asked if she could go play outside.  I told her we had to change her diaper first then we could go play outside.  She thought about it for a second and said "I change my mind" and went about playing in the playroom.  She would rather give up playing outside instead of having her diaper changed!

Today Maddie bumped her head on the chair and she sat up rubbing her head and said, "I have a headache mommy".  It as so cute :)

I was in the kitchen earlier and Maddie came running in and said "I give Audrey snuggly keep warm".  I followed her and saw that she had put her snuggly on the cat like a blanket to keep the cat warm.  She's such a little sweetie!

Lately I've been turning on the radio in the livingroom instead of having the tv on.  Maddie's used to the station we listen to in the car and when she hears a song she recognizes she says, "I hear this song in car".  She gets so excited over it!  Then she heard the song I have as the ringtone on my phone and she told me, "This song Mommy phone!".

Maddie did really well with her chores this week.  She fed the dog all 7 nights and cleaned up toys in her playroom all 7 nights.  I gave her a "special surprise" (a small toy panda from a set) for getting a whole line of stamps for feeding Murphy and then after she cleaned the playroom I asked her if she wanted to have another panda for a special surprise for cleaning her playroom all week.  She said "I don't think so.  Candy".  So she had candy :)

Today while I was washing some dishes Maddie's head popped up from behind the ottoman in the livingroom and she said "Uh, what you smell?".  I knew that meant she pooped but I played along.  I sniffed at the air and said, "I don't smell anything.  What do you smell?".  She laughed and said "poo poos!"  Then she told me, "I do poo poos playroom" and she ran off to finish in the playroom.  Nice, huh?

Maddie's really starting to notice letters and numbers on things lately.  It's really neat to see her point out an "O" or a "Q".  She knows how to write the letter "M" but doesn't recognize it in print...that's weird :)

Maddie has an Elmo book where these 5 stars come in from outside to help him get ready for bed.  One star shows Elmo how to brush his teeth so every time Maddie brushes her teeth she says "Look Mommy, I a star!".  She loves watching herself in the mirror while she's brushing her teeth :)

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  1. This is such a precious age. I just love the things that come out of their mouths! (Oh, and your blog is finally appearing in my reader now) :)