Monday, April 12, 2010

Gassy, Gassy

Ha!  You probably thought this post had something to do with those black bean burgers, huh?  :)  Maddie has been so gassy tonight!  Thank God she didn't eat those burgers!  Every time she bends over she passes gas.  She has me rolling on the floor laughing so hard.  Every time she toots she says "excuse me" so at least she's got that down...

Today Maddie started saying "ayudame, ayudame".  Yes, she watches Dora and Diego on a daily basis.  Just a minute ago she was trying to climb into a clothes basket and was saying "help!  help!".  But since I was busy typing my blog I couldn't help her :)  When I didn't respond to "help" she started saying "ayudame".  She knows how to use it!  I'm amazed.  The funny thing is that she usually just tells me "help" but after she says "ayudame" she follows up with "help me".  Maybe I need to find cartoons on the spanish channel for her to watch every day!

Maddie's other newest phrase is "Momma, don't do that".  I don't know where she got it from but she's not saying it in a bossy way.  I've told her it's not nice to say that to Mommy and she repeats it in a higher pitched, super sweet voice.  She doesn't realize it could be disrespectful to say that to me.  I keep asking her where she heard it and she changes her answer every time.  She's told me tv, she's told me mommy and she's told me daddy.  I'm sure Eric and I have told Maddie "don't do that!" so I need to pay more attention to the things I say to her.

Well, I've been too busy cooking and taking pictures of our dinners to take pictures of Maddie :)  I'm planning to get some pictures in the bluebonnetts tomorrow so look for those.  Until then, here are some of her coloring Easter Eggs!

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