Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I Feed Duck Sandwich ALL DAY"

Today we had our usual Thursday playgroup.  Today it was at a house near a duck pond so we all walked over to feed the ducks some bread.  It was Maddie's first experience feeding the ducks and she loved every minute of it!  A duck even bit her finger and she didn't seem bothered at all, she was just happy to be feeding them "sandwiches" (plain bread).  Here are some pictures from our day...

I actually got her to say "cheese" for a picture!

Her hair is finally long enough to put a clip in it :)

Having fun feeding the ducks

She had so much fun throwing the bread for them.

In this picture she was following the duck telling it "Come back duck.  Have some yummy snack duck." 

I think this was just before the duck bit her finger.  She just stopped tearing pieces of bread off and threw the whole slice down!

This is a really odd look on her face but she was running and was so happy because she saw turtles swimming in the water.

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