Friday, August 7, 2009

50th Post!!

This is my 50th blog posting since starting my blog :) I just want to give a quick update and let everyone know that Maddie is walking more and more every day! We're so proud of her! Maddie is also really getting into playing with crayons...yes, playing with them more than coloring with them. I think I need to make it a more structured activity and maybe put her in a booster seat at the table instead of letting her do it in the playroom.

Daddy has been home for a full week now and he's already getting Maddie into new things. Today he took her for her first bike ride! He bought a little bike seat for her and a cute little helmet that's pink with little bunnies on it. She wasn't cracked on the idea of the helmet at first, but she liked her bike seat and really enjoyed the ride. Eric said she was pointing out things along the way, such as "ball", or "baaaawwwl" as Maddie says :)

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