Friday, August 28, 2009

Foto Friday

Here are some pictures from Saturday August 22nd through Friday August 28th.

My newest favorite picture of Maddie

I bought this apron for Maddie before I even knew I was pregnant.

I always dreamed of having a daughter to help me in the kitchen.

Maybe letting her walk around with a wooden spoon isn't a good idea.

Maddie looking in her "oven". I don't mind her playing with the warming keeps her content while I get stuff done!

On Tuesday Maddie got a new chair. She was so happy! As soon as I took it out of the box she climbed right up!

But sitting in the chair didn't last long. In this picture she's doing "bouncy bouncy". If you click on the picture to open up the full size version you can actually see her saying "bouncy" :)

Another pair of new shoes! I love that she's walking now :)

Maddie loves meal time. She's been practicing using a spoon but usually just ends up using her fingers...and that's just fine :)

Talking on her cell phone while driving...boy am I ever setting a bad example!

Kisses for Murphy. If you open up the full size picture you can see how she's gripping Murphy's mouth...Murphy is so tolerant!

More kisses for Murphy

And some more...

And now Murphy is being used as a home gym...see Murphy starting to get up? It wasn't pretty after this shot was taken...but we all survived and Maddie only whined, no actual crying from Murphy dumping her on her head. Remember that comment I made about Murphy being tolerant? I think this is where she draws the line!

Cutey Patootie! She LOVES this ladybug dress! We read "Ten Little Ladybugs" and she kept pulling at the ladybugs at the bottom of the dress and laughing. She's so adorable!!

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