Friday, August 21, 2009

Maddie's Memory

I forgot I wanted to blog about how incredible Maddie's memory is. First, I've been saying the alphabet to her and trying to get a head start on her learning her letters. It's really been paying off because when I say the alphabet (one letter at a time, slowly) she knows some of the letters that come next. When I say A, she says B. When I say B, she says C. When I say O, she says P. When I say Q, she says R. She's not consistent on this, but most of the time (when she's in a cooperative mood) she'll say them. It's really cute to see that she's capable of learning this much at such a young age!

A few days ago the cat was sitting on my lap and she got spooked when I moved my leg. Well, for any of you who have/had cats you know how high they can jump and that they stick their claws out to grab on to anything on the way down. Yes, she caught my little pinky finger and tore a big chunk of skin off. Nice, huh? Well, I cleaned it out, put antibiotic ointment on and put a bandaid on. Maddie didn't like the bandaid AT ALL. I told her Mommy has a boo boo and showed her the bandaid and she was trying to back away so the bandaid wouldn't touch her. So, that was Tuesday night. I haven't worn the bandaid since then. It's now Friday morning. When I got Maddie up this morning she looked at my hand and said "boo boo". I hadn't even mentioned it to her or anything. What a memory!

Another amazing display of memory skills is when we read books together. She enjoys making animal sounds. In fact, I don't think she even says the actual names of the animals, she just identifies them by the sound they make. She LOVES to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?". She knows what animal comes next. For example, when I read the green frog page, she starts making a cat sound before I even say "I see a purple cat...". When I'm on the cat page, she starts barking like a dog. One day last week I was reading a new book to her (Snuggle Up, Sleepy Ones). I had read the book to her two or three times one night, then the next night she was already making the animal sounds for the animal on the next page. She knows that the monkeys come after the zebras and that the elephants come after the giraffes!

Is my baby the smartest or what?!?! :)

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