Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is it Potty Time??

Last Friday Maddie came over to me, grabbed at her diaper and said "diaper"...well, "baa-per". I thought it was funny and I asked her if she wanted Mommy to change her diaper. She nodded and grunted "uh huh". I didn't think she really needed to have it changed, but I thought if she's going to tell me she peed, I'm going to change it! I took her upstairs and sure enough, she had peed. I praised her and told her what a big girl she was for telling Mommy she had a wet diaper. Well, she didn't do it again, which was no big surprise...she's only 14 months old, how could I seriously expect her to tell me every time she goes?!?! Today she started with the "baa-per" thing again. Twice today she did it! I just can't believe it! No...I'm not going to start potty training! But I will continue to praise her for knowing when she goes and for telling me about it!

I have a whole list of things that I think about throughout the day that I want to blog about...but then when I sit down in front of the computer, they all leave my head :( I need to start carrying around a notebook or something so as I think of things I can write it down and know what to tell you on here...oh well, one day :)

Maddie got a new chair today! She has a few shows she enjoys watching on Noggin. Her favorite right now is Go Diego Go. She LOVES Click the Camera and she always says "click" when the camera says "say click". Then when Diego is on his way to go rescue the animal in trouble he says "clap clap clap" and Maddie claps (and says the words) along with him! I always said I would never let my kids watch too much tv; and I don't think she's watching TOO much tv, just a little more than I thought I would ever let her. But when I see her really enjoying what she's watching, how can I turn it off? She really pays attention to what she sees and hears on the tv these days. I enjoy sitting on the couch with her and talking about the different colors, shapes, numbers, etc. that we're seeing (education is my justification for letting her watch the tv). Oh yeah, so that brings us back to the first sentence in this paragraph...Maddie got a new chair today! She likes to sit on the couch to watch tv (not on my lap, just by herself) but I don't trust her to be left alone on the couch. She knows how to get down off of the couch ok but sometimes she's just not aware of where she is and sits up at the edge of the couch. If I hadn't been right there, she would've fallen off the couch several times by now! So, I decided to get her a little chair to sit in the livingroom that she can climb in and out of all on her own! It's the cutest little chair :) As soon as I took it out of the box tonight her little face lit up and she climbed right in! She sat there for a little bit and then started standing in the chair, bouncing in the chair, and sitting on the arm of the chair...sheesh! I know she'll fall out of this chair several times over the next few weeks. But at least it's lower than the couch, right? :) Oh, and I haven't put the legs on it, it's just sitting on the floor for now. Maybe once she masters sitting nicely in the chair I'll put the legs on it for her!

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