Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stair Master

Maddie can now go UP and DOWN the steps all by herself!  Of course I'm right there, one or steps behind, but she's doing it on her own and feels like such a big girl when she makes it to the top or bottom!  It's funny to watch her trying to go up the steps with a dress on :)  I usually have to bunch it up behind her and hold on to it so it doesn't get in her way! 

In other news, Maddie is ONLY walking these days.  It's amazing that Eric just left 10 days ago and she was only walking a little bit.  Now she's not only walking everywhere she goes, she's got really good balance, too!  It looks like she's been walking for months at this point.  I guess that the advantage of her walking later is that she's more confident and has better balance.  Yesterday I was just watching her toddle around the house and I just had the biggest smile on my face at what an awesome little girl I have.  Now that she can walk she wants to be so independent but yet she still doesn't want Mommy to go too far from her.  It's so precious to watch!  One of my favorite things is when she brings a book to me.  Where ever I am, whatever I'm doing, I stop and sit on the floor with her to read a book to her :)  It's so sweet how much she loves books!  I never want to do anything to discourage her from reading.  Plus, why would I pass up the opportunity to snuggle with her in my lap for a minute?  :)

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE being a mommy?

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