Friday, August 28, 2009

Maddie's Words

Maddie amazes me every day! She will be 15 months old next Saturday. I have a whole list of words she says without any encouragement from me. Most of them are items she sees and can recognize on her own. Others are just words she knows that might not actually have an item associated with it (ouch, kick, etc.). Here are the words she says on her own...

turtle, bear, hat, elmo, apple, juice, towel, pillow, ball, bone, no, girl, car, spoon, cup, tv, buckle, cheese, swing, crayons (she says color), mama, daddy, grass, tree, phone (hello), tiger, bath, baby, diaper, eye, nose, head, hair, ear, toesies, hand, keys, peaches, banana, fish, rain, sock, shoes, pants, backpack, tractor, bottle, kick, ouch, thank you, clap, snap, splash, kiss. There are probably more but these are the ones I just wrote down in the past 10 minutes.

I want her to be able to recognize animals by their name so we're slowly working on that (turtle, tiger and bear she has down). Most animals she sees she just makes the sound the animal makes. Those animals are...

dog, cat, cow, horse, elephant, monkey, duck, owl, lion and frog.

Maddie also has a few phrases she says. The only one she says on her own is "there it is" (da dis) when I ask her where something is and she sees it. When I kiss a boo boo (she says boo boo too) she'll say "all better" I don't know how to type how she says it!). When we're looking for something/someone she'll say "where are you" (waa ou). She also says "love you" (la ou) when I tell her "love you" first.

I just wanted to share these with you all!

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