Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maddie, the Beach Bum

We got the opportunity to take Maddie to the beach for the second time today. I know she remembered going because as soon as I opened the car door and she could see the water from her car seat she started nodding her head. Yes, she lets us know what she likes by nodding and what she dislikes by shaking her head...hey, at least she communicates :) But the nods weren't just "normal" nods, they were the most exaggerated nods, like chin down as far as it could go, probably even hitting her chest, and then back up as far as she could go, head hitting the back of the car seat! I could tell she was excited then I reached in to unbuckle her and started talking to her about going swimming at the beach she started laughing and kicking her feet. She REALLY loves going to the beach!

First things first, we changed her into her swim diaper, applied a nice, thick layer of sunscreen and got her bathing suit on. Next, we ate lunch so we could avoid eating with sandy hands later. Then it was straight off to the water...She kept going nonstop the whole time we were there (just about 3 hours). She played in the sand, played in the water, went in the water with mommy and daddy a few times, found seashells and helped destroy mommy's sad attempt at a sandcastle. She was so cute when she found a seashell she would hold it carefully between her thumb and forefinger and crawl as fast as she could down to the water, rinse it off, and carry it back up the beach to play with it. I don't know where she learned to rinse it off, I wonder if Steph did that with her last time we were at the beach (about 3 weeks ago).

Well, I guess that's it for now. Look for pictures on Friday!

Tomorrow is Daddy's last day at home :( We get to spend a good part of the day together, he doesn't have to be at the airport until around 4ish so we get almost a full day together. He leaves tomorrow and will return again on October 10th (or somewhere around then).

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