Saturday, August 1, 2009

And She's Off...

I don't want to jump the gun and say Maddie's officially walking yet, but I can tell you that she will be within the next couple of days! She's been walking like crazy today. Walking to Daddy, walking to Mommy, walking by herself without any encouragement from us, etc. She's doing really well! It's especially cute when she reaches her destination and she cheers for herself "yay" :) One time today she walked to Daddy, turned around and walked back to me without holding on to anything! We were probably about 5-6 feet apart. I was kind of sad that she hadn't started walking sooner, but this is perfect timing since Eric's home to watch the entire process. I have no doubt she'll be walking before he heads back to Nigeria in about 3 weeks. He's been so impressed with her and all that she's able to do and say now. Yesterday Eric let her taste his root beer. She LOVED it! She took a sip from the straw, walked a few steps away from him (holding on to the couch) then turned back and took another sip, and so it went for at least 5 minutes. Today she was "tickling" my toes, then she would walk to Daddy and "tickle" his toes, and go back and forth. What a goof ball!

Another quick update...Maddie got her first two molars within 2 days of each other! I noticed the top, right side molar on Thursday and the top, left side molar tonight. No wonder she's been so cranky! Hopefully those teeth will continue coming in smoothly so she won't be in much pain and she'll be a happier girl for us :)

Well, we'll update in a few days to let you know when she's walking!

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