Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday's Fotos :)

Sorry these are a day are some highlights from Saturday, August 15th through Friday, August 21st. Enjoy!

Cute little gecko outside our window :)

The shelf Daddy built. Mommy painted it so it's all ready to go in the playroom now!

Daddy and Maddie crawling to the water together. They had so much fun playing together at the beach!
Maddie catching some waves
Woah! Look comes a BIG one...
Good thing Daddy was there to "save" me!
Kick kick kick
Stopping for a quick rest in between waves.
This is one way to make a "big girl" look little again!
Daddy dug a hole and Maddie thought it was a nice place to sit. She kept climbing in and out of it
My baby girl's little footprints in the sand :)
My toy shelf with some of my toys in it! I LOVE being able to pull my toy bins out to play.
Daddy got a REALLY bad sunburn when we went to the beach...OUCH!
Mommy thought I looked so cute in this little dress that Grandma R got me for my birthday.
My new little shoes. I like walking in them so much!
Coloring at the kitchen table
Straining to see the tv from the kitchen table.
See where the tv is from where I'm sitting? I LOVE Noggin!

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