Wednesday, September 9, 2009

15 Month Check-up

Here are Maddie's stats from her appointment today...  height 31 inches, weight 23lbs, head circ. 18.25 inches.  She's growing right along the 50th percentile line.  Her height did go a bit above the line this time so she's definitely growing taller!  Overall, she gained just under 2lbs and grew 2.75 inches since her 12 month check-up 3 months ago.  Almost an inch a month!  It's no wonder she's outgrowing her 12 month clothes at an alarming rate!

Maddie also got 5 shots today :(  4 regularly scheduled vaccines and a flu shot.  Two of the vaccines are live viruses (I'm not sure which) that can cause her to have symptoms in one to two weeks.  I probably won't even notice since she's teething and already as the symptoms :)  Hopefully they don't cause her any problems!

Now to update you on Maddie's vocabulary.  This morning she put two words together for the first time!  She said "eat banana" :)  I'm so proud of her!  And, of course, her pediatrician is just amazed at how large her vocabulary is.  She said since she has such a large vocab we might have a less stressful time with tantrums, since Maddie is able to communicate better than most children her age.  I pray she's right!  One challenge, for me, with Maddie being able to communicate so well for her age is that I forget she's only 15 months old!  Sometimes I have such high expectations of her and act as if she's 2 years old or older.  I get so frustrated when she won't tell me what she wants sometimes and lose patience.  I have to constantly remind myself that she's just 15 months old that she isn't able to communicate EVERYTHING as I would like her be able to. 

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