Monday, September 7, 2009

More Words

At this point, Maddie's vocabulary is growing on a daily basis.  I wish I could just record her all day long!  She amazes me that she tries to repeat EVERYTHING I say.  Today she told me "patient", copying me, of course.  She says so many "hard" words that I wouldn't expect her to even attempt at this age...things like hippopotamus and boa constrictor!  Here are some new words that she says on her own:

pretty (she's been saying this one, I just hadn't added to any list before), giraffe, yes, elbow, berries, hamburger, alligator, Noah, basketball (this was the one that totally floored me today!!), rain, beans, duck, dog, Audrey, cat, kitty, owl, elephant, " 'nother day" (she says this when it's raining), guy, Steph (again, she's been saying this one, just hadn't added it before), clock, uh-oh (one of her first words), "excuse me", tunnel, hi, shake, boo, plane, sleep

That about covers it for now :)  I counted up all of her words and phrases and we have 98!  This is WAY beyond the "normal" range for a 15 month old.  15 month olds should be able to say at least 10 words (that anyone can understand).  I'll admit that some of Maddie's words are only understandable by me, and most of those come along with some kind of sign language that she's made up along the way. I was typing this post I lost track of Maddie.  I started calling for her and asking "where are you"...she wasn't in the living room, wasn't in the playroom, the gate at the steps was closed.  There's only one place bedroom.  As I was heading toward my bedroom she came walking out with one of my shoes in her hand :)  She had been playing in my closet (my fault since I left the light on...) so nicely :)  She's such a shoe girl!

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