Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Growing Girl

I just put a cute little dress on Maddie that's a size 18 months.  I put this dress on her on Aug 29th (I know because I took pictures) and the dress hit her mid to lower knee.  Today the dress is at the top of her knee.  I know she has been getting bigger by the day, I can tell when I'm trying to snuggle with her in the rocking chair.  She just doesn't quite fit anymore :(  It's amazing just how fast they can grow when they're so young!  I read somewhere that if people continued to grow (throughout their lives) at the same rate they do as infants, the average height of humans would be somewhere around 10 feet!  Isn't that amazing?  I'm already looking forward to Maddie's 18 month check-up just to see how much she's grown!  She's probably grown at least a 1/2 inch since her 15 month appt on Sept 9th.

In addition to Maddie growing physically, her imagination has been growing like crazy too!!  She just plays and plays and plays so nicely with her toys these days.  She feeds her babies their bottles, rocks them and pats them and puts them to sleep.  She's gotten even more into her little tea set.  She plays tea parties all the time.  The other day she was walking around with her sippy cup in one hand and a tea cup in her other hand.  She pretended to dump the contents of her sippy cup into the tea cup, drank it out of the tea cup and then said "more".  Then she "dumped" more out of the sippy cup into the tea cup and did it all over again.  She was just walking laps around the house playing like that :)  Last night she brought one of the "cakes" to her tea set out to the living room, put it to the cat's face, made her fake eating sound, then said "good?" to the cat, while stooped down looking her in the eye, then she said "more?" and "fed" the cat more of the cake.  Then she tells the cat "good girl" and headed back to the playroom to find more to play with.  It's just so cute to see her interacting with the animals.  It makes me wonder if she'll use Murphy and Audrey as her "living dolls" when she plays tea parties when she gets older.  She already likes to feed Murphy her animal crackers...

Maddie is also continuing to get smarter and smarter by the day!  Yes, I'm surprised it's possible as well :)  I'm just amazed by how smart my little girl is.  I know every parent thinks their child is smart, but mine REALLY is!  :)  Yesterday she was being really fussy, bothering me while I was trying to prepare dinner...as usual.  I was trying to come up with ways to get her distracted from pestering me so I told her to go play with her horses.  I told her to go get her horse and make it kick the ball.  She stopped fussing and looked at me with wide eyes like "what a great idea" and started walking toward the playroom.  I watched her to see if she understood everything I said.  I certainly didn't think she would get all of what I said, expecting her to get one of her My Little Ponies and bring it to me.  But she actually got one of the horses and made it "kick" a ball!  I was in shock that she understood that.  Unfortunately she wasn't all that into it...it only last about 20 seconds (if that) and she was back to bother me some more...

Uncle Guy is in town visiting us right now and Maddie is doing really well with him.  He came in late Sunday night so I thought there was no way she'd be interested in having anything to do with him.  Well, when we got back to the house, she went right to him!  She didn't seem shy at all.  But within a matter of seconds she was ready to come back to mommy...maybe she has a fear of heights?  :)  Yesterday she was really interacting with him, bringing him toys and everything.  He's been able to hold her and play with her and she hasn't had much anxiety with him.  Thank God!!  I guess it's easier on her to be around people she's not completely comfortable with in her own house.  This is the place where she feels safe so to have a person come here is less stressful for her.  Also, it's just one person.  There isn't a huge group of people for her to try to figure out all at once.  I'm just glad Guy's visit is going well!

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