Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Miss Independent

I took Maddie to the Children's Museum at the Woodlands Mall today.  This was our first "official" outing since she became a walker!  I was so anxious for her to start walking for months so I could take her places and watch her toddle around and explore things.  Today I finally got to experience that!  It is just so amazing to see this little person growing up before my eyes.  Two other moms from our playgroup were there as well and they each have a new little baby in addition to their toddlers!  When I looked at these little ones I almost cried thinking about how Maddie used to be so tiny, so dependent on me for EVERY LITTLE THING!  Now she wants to be independent with EVERY LITTLE THING!  I absolutely LOVE Maddie at this age, but I really miss her being so tiny and willing to snuggle with me all day!  When did she stop being my baby?  How am I going to handle her being a toddler and not needing me for as much?  I am certainly proud of the little girl I'm raising.  I understand that the ultimate goal of parents is to have their children be self-sufficient.  I just didn't realize it would start at this young of an age.  I feel like I need her more than she needs me these days!  I try to steal as many hugs and kisses as she's willing to let me steal...I cuddle her for a few extra minutes before putting her in her crib at night because this is the only time she really likes to sit still and let me cuddle her!  I read her 5 or 6 books at bedtime just to have her sit on my lap for a while longer.  I'm glad she likes books or I don't know how I would get that extra snuggle time in!  :)

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