Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Passport

I went to get the mail today and there was an envelope from the passport agency!!  I was so excited and said, "Maddie....we got your passport!!!"  So I opened the envelope because I wanted to see her picture (isn't that the most important part of the passport?).  To my surprise there was no passport in the envelope :(  There was only a letter saying Eric needed to fill out a form and sign it and have it notarized in order for them to complete the passport process.  This was the same form I had already filled out and filled out the "special circumstances" block since Eric isn't able to get this form notarized or mailed to us.  I called the passport agency immediately and they told me what needs to happen in order for us to get Maddie's passport in time for our vacation in 13 days.  I'm not going to go into here, but let me just say it's going to cause an intense amount of stress for both me and Maddie (because she would have to accompany me to lawyer offices, courtrooms and passport agencies).  I'm still waiting to talk to Eric but at this point it looks like our vacation to Cozumel is going to have to be postponed :(  The good news is that when Eric comes home on Oct 10th he can get this form notarized and we can mail it in and we'll have Maddie's passport by the time we reschedule a vacation.  The bad news is that it's really depressing when you're a stay at home mom (who desperately needs a break from all things domestic) and you're less than two weeks from getting away from it all and then it gets pulled right out from under your feet. 

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