Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Little Gym week 5

Maddie did INCREDIBLY today at the Little Gym!  Oh my goodness...she was like a new child :)  She had ZERO anxiety today!  She went in by herself and went right to the red mat where we start the class.  When the instructor opened the box of bells, she went right up there to get the bells (this is a FIRST!) and then she sat down right beside the instructor (a substitute this week...) while we sang the welcome song.  She wasn't shy about trying new things today.  The substitute instructor (Mr. Brian) was able to help her do things and she talked to him and smiled at him.  I was A.M.A.Z.E.D.  She even walked across the balance beam (with my help) and when she jumped off the end she gave a big "TAA  DAAA-ee".  The whole class heard her and clapped saying "yeah Maddie" and she just smiled.  No crying today!  She knew what to do on some of the mats, too.  She went to the "cheese wedge" and got into position for a forward roll.  She knew what to jump off of, but was kind enough to wait for Mommy to be in position to spot her before trying to jump (this is important because while she knows the concept for jumping she doesn't have the ability to get her feet off the ground just yet, resulting in her falling flat on her face). 

So, today was just the most amazing day for the Little Gym.  I like the other instructor but with the way Maddie responded to Mr. Brian I kind of wish he held a full time class...I would DEFINITELY switch!  Let's just pray it has more to do with her confidence building than it has to do with the instructor...we'll find out next week!

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