Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Random Ramblings

I'm jumping on the opportunity provided by Brooke to get all of my random thoughts out of my head...

First of all, I'm so fed up with this rainy weather!  I know we've been having a severe drought in Texas but these rainy days drain what little bit of energy I have left. 

It's been a full week since the yard has been taken care of and I wonder if they're going to come do it today. I did contact the landscaper and ask if they would use the push mower instead of their ride on mower.  Our yard just doesn't drain well and the ground will stay WET for days after the rain has stopped.  Because of this, the heavy riding mower the landscaper uses ends up ripping up the ground.  It's not I'm glad they're going to be gentler on the lawn (if they come today).

As of today there are only 16 days until Eric comes home again.  I'm so looking forward to getting a break!  It's so exhausting being a mom of a toddler.  Mine is a very well behaved toddler for the most part, but it's still a lot to handle.  Even when she's playing nicely by herself I still have to be paying attention.  I cook three meals a day, try to maintain a clean house (which is becoming more and more of a struggle these days), give a lot of attention to Maddie (she's been watching quite a bit of Noggin...) and still find the energy to have some "me" time that doesn't involve any of the above.  Hopefully when Eric's home this time he'll give me a day or two to sleep in and have no responsibilities :)

I'm pretty obsessive about checking the mail these days.  We applied for Maddie's passport at the beginning of September so I'm hoping it will come in soon.  We still have 19 days before we go to Cozumel so I know there's plenty of time...I just don't like leaving things til the last minute!  Also, if that passport doesn't come in, we'll have to cancel our trip.  Since I desperately need to get out of this house (see paragraph above) I'd like to see that passport so I know for sure we're going on vacation!

Ok, I have a TON more things on my mind but right now Maddie is pretty much driving me crazy whining in the high chair.  She doesn't want a drink, she doesn't want more bread, she doesn't want more turkey, she won't eat her peas, she only wants more cheese.  I swear this baby would eat cheese, and only cheese, for three meals a day if I let her!

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  1. Cute cute toddler, and if you call the passport office I think they can help you...mine was down to the wire a year or so ago when we went to Canada and I think they overnighted it for me....