Friday, September 4, 2009

Foto Friday

Here are some pictures from Saturday, August 29th through Friday, September 4th.  Enjoy!

Maddie got another big fat lip this week.  Since she won't sit still for me to hold ice on her face, I gave her another popsicle.  That seemed to do the trick! 
Look how much hair she's getting!!
We had some of the nicest weather this week!  Highs in the low 90s and low humidity...perfect for playing outside!  I especially love this picture because it looks like Murphy's about to take Maddie out.  Don't worry, she didn't.
So happy to play with her car!
Maddie has a really hard time walking in the grass.  This St. Augustine grass is so thick that it's hard for her to get her balance.  This picture shows her extreme concentration...she took a step or two then started crawling :)
My pretty girl
Sleepy girl...probably watching Go Diego Go before bed.
I gave Maddie a whole apple for the first time tonight (I chewed the skin off of one side).  She concentrated so hard to be able to eat it.  It was adorable!
She even used the towel I gave her to wipe her face (and nose).
I love pictures when I get a little crooked mouth, or just any unusual facial's just not the "norm".
She put the apple on the floor, the apple got dog hair on it, Mommy took the apple.  This is the result. Yes, any good mom doesn't comfort her child, she grabs her camera :)
There are several more where these came from :)  She's not gonna like these when she's older...

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